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From JT...what a clown!

Sep 19, 2023

When Trudeau got back from his previous, National Lampoon(esque) family vacation in India, he was a global laughing stock. He's still being mocked today from images that were hyped up from his fancy sock supporting crew...

Opinion | Barkha Dutt: Trudeau's India trip is a total ...

He brought a person wanted for terrorism in India...

And an acclaimed, Indian Chef...TO INDIA.

Came back with NO New Deal for Canada and a message that he came at the wrong time.

His most recent trip, another embarrassment for Canada and Canadians, where he again brought his son. Prior to this, I'd have imagined that CSIS or his Reliable sources would have revealed that India was Murdering Canadians...this was last fucking week!

Who is Xavier Trudeau? A young chap accompanied Canadian PM Justin Trudeau  on India visit for G20 Summit | News9live

But of course...he only got the information prior to his return to HoC, today, right?

"Reliable Sources", he claims, show that India killed a Canadian Citizen...who was rejected 2x because of passport and marriage information and not really actually much of a Canadian as JT would have you believe.

Stranded in India for 2 days...ejected and mocked globally...Trudeau's response?

Another Liberal 'Hail Mary', play to save face, on Canadian soil, with Canadians, while going to war with another trade partner of Canada.

If you're keeping score at home...he's now eradicated trade relations with:



And now India.

Worse yet...He's set to again, flee the country, under any excuse he can find, because of the colossal drop in support from the Muslim Community, consequentially dumping the Liberal party into an even smaller minority government, while other liberals are fleeing the sinking ship.

Coward of the cottage?

Coward of the Country!

Justin Trudeau has it from 'reliable sources', that global espionage that you'd only witness from the New James Bond, 'Idris Alba', who was banging his wife and gave her a dose of 'the ro', in 2020, is happening here. Just like the same reliable sources that he never had to punish unvaccinated Canadians for not getting a jab, for 11 months.

What a catastrophe.

And people still support this clown?

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