86 Stillbirths in Waterloo, Ontario in 6 Months

Mothers of stillbirth babies were all vaccinated.

Minister of Health, Christine Elliot replies, “It is safe and has been tested”, “that’s been excepted by Health Canada”, “Women who are protected it’s entirely safe and RECOMMENDED

But is it though, Christine?

You see…if you go to the “Reported side effects following COVID-19 vaccination in Canada”, website →Link

And you look under the header of “Other safety updates”, you will find a link to the Pfizer Monograph…

And then you scan to page 19, you will see that “safety has not been established”, by the manufacturer of this product.

And then if you look even further down to Page 50 of this document, you will find this:

To help avoid side effects, talk to your doctor BEFORE YOU RECEIVE COMINARTY, if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or plan to become pregnant…or if you are breast-feeding.

There is nothing to indicate on this page that this is “Safe” for women who are pregnant, think they are pregnant or pan on becoming pregnant and after 86 babies died in 6 months, in a population of just over a half a million people, this is a pretty BIG DEAL!

Waterloo went from potentially seeing 3 Stillbirths in this time and now they are at 86 and when we can see cases like this→Link

(Don’t read this story if you want to sleep tonight)

Shouldn’t we be taking a step back and instead of sticking to blanket authorization where THIS IS THE TESTING and IT’S KILLING and MAIMING BABIES and maybe dial down on the rhetoric, stop the vaccinations and start the investigations?


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Sheldon Yakiwchuk